Are you tired of being disappointed every time you look in the mirror? Perhaps you're too self-conscious to smile for a picture or out of the house before putting makeup on your face. Temporary beauty fixes, such as applying a thick layer of makeup and remembering to smile with closed lips to avoid showing your teeth, take a lot of time and effort to maintain. Seeking a permanent solution to your appearance woes will save you time -- you can deal with the problem once and for all, and enter the world confident with your new look.

Everyone has different beauty woes to deal with, but the following three are some of the most common. Here is a look at how to address each one permanently, so you can cross it off your list of worries and embrace your newly found beauty.

Beauty Woe #1: Crooked teeth or an embarrassing smile.

If you're unhappy with your smile, you probably avoid smiling in public, and this can have negative effects on your self-esteem. How can you really focus on building relationships with friends and having fun if all you are thinking about is your teeth? Many people avoid doing anything about their crooked, stained or missing teeth because they assume that the treatment will be painful and time-consuming. However, this is not generally the case.

The first step to fixing your problem is visiting a cosmetic dentist for an evaluation. He or she will work with you to devise a plan to fix your smile, which may include procedures such as:

  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth permanently
  • Dental bridges to replace missing teeth without surgery
  • Veneers to cover stained or chipped teeth
  • Invisible aligners to correct crooked teeth or gaps between the teeth

Depending on the severity of your dental problems, your treatment may be over in one appointment, or it may take several months(this is the case with dental implants). The important thing is that you start today, so you can stop hiding your smile and be confident again.

Beauty Woe #2: Adult acne.

If you were sorely disappointed when your acne did not disappear once you left your teen years behind, you are not alone. Many adults suffer from acne, and there are several potential causes including fluctuating hormone levels, allergies, stress and some medications. Many adults try over-the-counter treatments and give up after they don't work. Now, it's time for you to take the next step. Visit your dermatologist; he or she can work with you to identify the exact cause of your individual case of acne, and then prescribe a treatment based on that cause.

Sometimes treating adult acne is as simple as breaking the cycle between breakouts and makeup. Your face breaks out, so you cover your acne with makeup, which clogs your pores and causes another breakout, which you cover with more makeup. Gather your gumption, and commit to a week without makeup. If your skin clears up, you may have just discovered the secret to solving your acne problems in the long-term.

Beauty Woe #3: Wrinkles.

Camouflaging wrinkles with wrinkle fillers and endless coats of makeup is time-consuming, and these products tend to wear off throughout the day, leaving your wrinkles exposed to the world. Wrinkles are a fact of aging, but there are more permanent solutions to consider. Limit your sun exposure and stop smoking, as these behaviors will slow the pace at which your wrinkles develop. Then, to address the wrinkles you already have, visit your dermatologist for a laser resurfacing treatment. You'll emerge looking younger and less wrinkly, and you'll only need to go back once every few months instead of spending an hour covering your wrinkles each morning.

When you look your best, you approach every situation with more confidence. You feel free to be yourself! Stop letting your beauty woes get the best of you, and seek out permanent solutions today.