Once that insurance calendar year resets, you might be ready to book an appointment with your eye doctor to get your yearly exam. After all, since you need a few new pairs of contact lenses, visiting your doctor might seem like your only option. However, you might be able to save a lot of time and have a better experience by taking that prescription home and firing up your computer. Here are two reasons you should buy your next set of contacts online, and why you might never go back to your old way of doing things:   

1: Amazing Selection

If you like to mix things up, you might be disappointed with the run-of-the-mill contact lens selection at your local eye doctor's office. However, one of the great things about ordering lenses online is that the options are almost endless. Here are just a few of the choices you might be able to find online:

  • Brands: Sometimes, contact lens wearers are disappointed to learn that their eye doctor no longer stocks their favorite brand of contacts. However, since online retailers source contacts from all over the world, you might be able to find your favorite brand in no time.
  • Colored and Fashion Contacts: In addition to offering a huge variety of colored contacts ranging from deep blues to bright violet shades, some online retailers also offer fashion lenses to give your eyes a decorative touch. For example, you might be able to order contact lenses imprinted with designs such as swirls or even your favorite national flag.  
  • Specialty Contacts: In addition to offering fashionable colors and hard-to-find brands, some online retailers offer specialty contacts such as Rigid Gas Permeable and Scleral Lenses.

As you shop for contacts online, don't forget to check your prescription. Because eye health can vary significantly from person to person, your eye doctor might recommend a certain type of lens. For example, if you have diseased corneas, your doctor might recommend scleral lenses, which are large enough to cover and cushion the entire exterior of your eye.      

2: You Can Use Your Vision Insurance

Oftentimes, people write off online contact lens retailers because they figure they can't use their vision insurance. However, contrary to popular belief, many online retailers accept vision insurance—making it easier for you to save. Instead of driving to your doctor's office and asking a bunch of questions about contacts, you can browse through options leisurely online, saving you time and money.

To use your vision insurance at an online retailer, call your insurance provider and ask about in-network providers. Some companies issue easy-to-use lists that make it simple to find an online retailer that will work with your insurance. Keep in mind that while some insurance companies work directly with online contact lens retailers, others ask that you submit your receipts for reimbursement. If you have to submit your receipts, your claim will be handled just like any other claim your insurance processes. Your documentation will be filed, reviewed, approved or denied, and then paid. If your claim is approved and paid, you will receive a check in the mail for the allowable vision expense.  

However, keep in mind that your claim could be denied if you work with an out-of-network provider. Insurance companies ask that you work with network providers to ensure that you are receiving a safe, approved product. In case there is a dispute about your claim, always keep a copy of your original eye exam receipt, your claims document, and the receipt from the online retailer. That way, if there are questions about your payment, you can refer to your original paperwork.

By buying contact lenses online from a retailer like Contacts For Good, you might be able to enjoy a better selection and a more convenient experience.