Many people prepare their body for a summer of outdoor activities, but there are also ways to prepare your smile so that it shines brightly all season long. Through a mixture of cosmetic procedures and self-care, you can have a great looking smile for your days on the beach, nights out with friends, and multiple family picnics. Browse through the following five methods for enhancing and protecting a summer smile. See how many you want to add to your regular routine as you prepare for the fast-approaching summer season.

Cosmetic Whitening

Glisten in the sun by having a whitening procedure done to your teeth. This will help you flash a great smile while you swim, go to the beach, or pose for summer pictures with friends. If you frequently swim in pools, then the pH balance and chemicals could have an effect on your mouth. This is known as "Swimmers' Calculus" and could change the coloring of your teeth as tartar builds up on them. The best solution for this is a cleaning with some whitening added in to reduce discoloration when you start swimming again.

Malic Acids

Another way to enhance and keep up with your summer smile is by consuming malic acids. These acids are found naturally in a lot of fruits, especially strawberries. The acid helps remove stains, but using the fruits as a natural whitener should be mixed with mouthwash or toothpaste to help prevent the loss of tooth enamel.

Summer is a prime time to purchase strawberries, allowing you to eat them everyday. Strawberries can be consumed on their own or mixed into a variety of signature summer treats like fruit salads, smoothies, and strawberry shortcake.


Another way to help increase the look of whitened teeth is by adding a little color to your skin. By making your tan a little darker, it will naturally make your smile appear whiter. When you decide to book a cosmetic dental whitening, you can also book a tanning bed appointment. The combination of the two will help with both your smile and a summer beach body that you may be working on.

Cosmetic Bonding

Summer often involves a number of outdoor activities like hiking, playing sports, and engaging in a lot of different physical activities. During these activities, it's easy to fall and chip a tooth. If your tooth is chipped or cracked, then you can return it to your regular smile by booking a cosmetic bonding appointment. This type of of appointment can typically be done in a single session. It involves a resin that is placed over your current tooth and formed to match the tooth as it was before.

If you need the whole tooth replaced, then you may upgrade the procedure to a dental implant. An implant is placed in the jawbone and then a fake tooth is screwed into the implant. The tooth looks, moves, and acts like a normal tooth. Work with a dentist to figure out the best options for your tooth issues.

Custom Mouth Guards

After any tooth repairs have been completing, you can add extra protection to your summer smile by having a custom mouth guard made to form and fit. A dentist will make an imprint of your mouth and then form a professional mouth guard. These mouth guards can be worn during summer activities or for sleeping overnight. The extra protection will help ensure that you keep your smile the same all summer long.

Specific mouth guards can also be formed for a number of summer sports like baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. The extra protection will prevent emergency appointments and rising costs of your own dental care.

Book a consultation appointment with a dentist like David Jackson, DDS to find other ways to improve your smile for summer and the rest of the year.