Even with a sensible diet, regular exercise, and medication, type 2 diabetics who have passed the age of 50 will develop collateral health issues that must be controlled right along with blood glucose levels.  That means making more lifestyle changes, up to and including adding something to the bathroom.  Choosing to install a walk in tub and use it as well as a shower can help ease pain and slow the progress of some of those health issues.

Reducing the Effects of Stress

Excessive stress is not good for anyone, but older people with type 2 diabetes have another reason to keep stress levels under control. According to information provided by the American Diabetes Association, mental stress triggers the body's fight or flight impulse and increases the presence of glucose and fat in the bloodstream. 

For an older individual, that means greater risk of stroke right along with damage to the eyes and the circulatory system. One of the benefits of settling into a comfortable bath is easing the mental stress.  Consider how using a tub with a walk in design makes it easier to sit and enjoy the hot water as it fills the tub. The warmth will help calm the mind, ease the tension, and help the elevated glucose levels to return to a normal range.

Dealing with a Loss of Sensation

As the years pass, many type 2 diabetics will lose some feeling in the feet.  One way to help slow this effect is to enjoy warm baths several times a week.  Sitting in the seat of a walk in tub, it's easier to relax and let the warm water stimulate blood flow to the feet.  That blood flow carries essential nutrients to the tissues and makes it easier to retain more sensation for a longer period of time.  

Keep in mind that because the feeling in the soles and other parts of the feet is compromised, it pays to make sure the bath water is hot, but not too hot.  Place a hand in the water and see how the temperature feels.  If the water is not too hot to the touch, then it is fine for the feet and lower legs.

Lowering Pain Levels

Older people with type 2 diabetes find they experience pain in the extremities more often as they age.  The pain may be periods of tingling, or include short bouts of sharp pains in the feet and lower legs.  Enjoying a tub bath, especially one that allows you to sit upright, will ease the severity of the pain.  By using massage after the hot bath, it is possible to keep the pain at bay for hours.

Better for People with Mobility Issues

Choosing to install a walk in tub makes sense if your type 2 diabetes has begun to make walking difficult.  The lack of sensation in the lower part of the body will make climbing in and out of a conventional tub difficult. 

With the walk in variety, you open a door that is part of the tub design, settle into the seat, and then close the door.  Once in position, start to fill the tub with warm water.   When the time comes to get out of the tub, allow the water to drain completely, open the door, and stand up.  The low threshold on most of these tub designs will ensure that even if you find it hard to raise and lower your feet, you can walk out and onto a bath mat with ease.

Remember that while a hot bath in this type of tub is no substitute for your other efforts to manage your glucose levels, the convenience of a walk in tub will provide more relief and make living with the condition easier.  Talk with a professional today and learn more about the designs.  After the installation is completed and you try out the tub for a week or so, you'll know that the expense was a wise investment in your future health.

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