When you are relying on medicare and you need vision care, this can be complicated. Dental and vision care are sometimes classified as not being medically necessary. Original medicare does not cover eye exams or glasses. However, there are options if you are using Medicare and you would like vision care.

How Medicare Advantage Plans Cover Vision

Many of the Medicare Advantage plans cover vision. Most plans will cover prescription medication. These plans are offered by private health insurance providers.The type of plans that are available are based on where you live. You may be offered coverage or you may be provided with a discount program that helps you save money on vision. For example, there are some programs that will pay for free eye exams and will provide a certain amount of money to pay for frames. Inquire about how often you are allowed to change your frames. Some programs have a waiting period. There are also some programs that may have a small deductible. However, if you are trying to reduce the cost of your vision, these programs can be the best option overall.

Finding Out How Much You Will Save

When determining how much a Medicare advantage plan will cost, you will need to find out how much the premium will be on top of the Medicare part B premium. Find out if there are any co-pays or co-insurance that must be paid each visit. Learn about whether the plan has an additional deductible. Determine what the maximum out-of-pocket limit is. Determine whether the plan has network restrictions and whether you would be forced to see a more expensive eye doctor. Finally, determine whether there are any additional benefits, such as routine eye exams, how much these benefits usually cost and whether having a premium would allow you to save money.

Why You may Need MediGap Coverage

If you are traveling outside the United States and may need vision care, it is a great idea to look into also getting MediGap coverage. This additional form of insurance covers expenses that are not otherwise covered by Medicare while you are traveling, such as deductibles and co-payments. However, it is important to find out whether an insurance plan covers vision insurance because there are many plans that will only cover basic insurance. Under these circumstances, it is best to wait until you have returned home before seeking vision care.

For more information and different options, talk with companies that offer different advantage plans, like Senior Care Insurance Services.