If you have reached the point in your pregnancy where you can find out your baby's sex, generally around four to five months into your pregnancy, here are three things you'll want to do the day of your gender reveal ultrasound before you head to your doctor's office.

#1 Dress For The Part

When you go in for an ultrasound, you are going to have to expose your stomach so that the ultrasound technician can put their wand on your belly and allow you to see your baby.

Although you can choose to put on a doctor's gown for this procedure, it often goes smoother and faster if you wear clothing that you can easily remove. A great outfit to wear on the day of your gender reveal ultrasound is a pair of paints that stretch at the waist so you can easily slip them down a bit, as well as a flowing style of shirt that you can easily pull up over your belly. With this type of outfit, you will not have to change into a doctor's gown and can stay in your comfy clothing for the ultrasound.

#2 Get In Lots Of Water

Second, you need to make sure that you drink lots of water before you head in for your ultrasound. Your doctor will probably tell you this as well. When you drink a lot of water, it fills up your bladder, which actually makes it easier for you and the ultrasound technician to see your baby. In the case of a gender reveal ultrasound, a full bladder can also make it easier for the ultrasound technician to figure out what sex your baby is.

You may need to rush to the bathroom once your ultrasound is done, but you'll be able to clearly see your baby during your ultrasound.

#3 Write Down How You Want To Be Told

Finally, before you head out the door to your ultrasound, write down how you want to be told the sex of your baby. You'll want to give this piece of paper to the ultrasound technician. Almost everyone has a different way they want to find out, which is why writing it down and providing this information to your ultrasound technician is the best way to ensure that your gender reveal experience goes exactly as you imagine it. You should also share this verbally with your ultrasound technician as well. 

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