One condition many aging adults have to contend with is osteoporosis. Some think that once osteoporosis sets in, there is nothing that can be done to counteract continue bone loss, nor anything that can be done to build bone density. The truth is that modern medicine has many options for contending with osteoporosis that can help those who suffer from osteoporosis to avoid the risk of fracture and to regain their quality of life. 

Medications for Building Bone Density

There are a few medications on the market today that can help to rebuild bone that has begun to thin out. However, you need to be aware of limitations and side effects of such medications before you start taking a medication. For example, Forteo is an FDA approved medication that promotes calcium metabolization. Because the effects of taking Forteo over the long-term have not yet been determined, you can only take it for a couple of years. Before you take Forteo, you should discuss limitations and implications with your doctor. Despite the allure of rebuilding your bones and avoiding fractures, you need to carefully follow your doctor's advice and consider all your options.

Choosing Options Based on the Cause of Your Osteoporosis

There are many causes of osteoporosis. For example, many women experience loss of bone density after menopause. Treatments for post-menopausal women may include estrogen supplements; however, these treatments will most likely not be helpful for aging men. As doctors continue to study the causes of osteoporosis, they can continue to refine treatments so that you get a treatment ideally suited for your condition. 


There are some supplements that have proven to be helpful in dealing with bone loss. For example, strontium is a natural mineral found in some foods and can also be found in supplement form. It is absorbed by the body in much the same way that calcium is absorbed. Some studies show that strontium can help build bone and is more resistant to bone loss as compared to calcium. Thus, taking a strontium supplement can help to counteract the effects of osteoporosis. 

If you have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis, take heart. There is much that you can do improve your quality of life even if you have suffered significant bone loss before you become aware that anything is wrong. Be sure to talk about what is causing your bone loss with your doctor, so you can find a treatment that will work with your condition. 


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