At some point, it is going to be necessary to discuss what happens to loved ones as they begin to get older. It can be hard to talk about this topic, particularly if you are the one who has to take on the bulk of the work for caring for that person. The loss of independence, dignity, and autonomy are among some of the biggest concerns of aging. While the discussions are not an easy thing to do, it is important that everything is set up and understood ahead of time so there are no issues later on. Here are some things to think about when having this discussion:

Take the Bull By the Horns

Getting started on this topic can be difficult. The best way to approach it is to just do it. You can bring it up just by jumping right into the things you want to talk about. Ask your loved one what they want to happen should they become incapacitated. How are their bills going to be handled? Where do they want to live? Do they have a living will? These questions are important because you do not want to be caught off guard if something sudden should happen. That way, you will be prepared with all the correct information and can carry out their wishes.

Explain the Goal of the Conversation

While you are having the conversation about the future, you need to let them know why you are bringing it up. Your goal of this conversation is for preparedness and love. You want your loved one to be as comfortable as possible and ensure that all their wants and needs are met. This will let the loved one know that you are not out to be nosey or have ulterior motives. Instead, let them know you are coming from a place of love and concern.

Topics to Cover

When you are having this discussion, there are several topics that need to be covered. For example, where is your loved one going to live should they become unable to live alone? Is an assisted living home an option? What about senior care? Is he or she going to live with you? Will you be the primary caregiver? What if there are pets that need to be cared for? All of these are important questions that need to be answered so that you all know what to do when the time inevitably comes.

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