You've worked hard for many months to lose excess weight and now you may be disappointed that your body doesn't look the way you imagined it would. One possible byproduct of losing weight is excess skin and pockets of fat where you don't want them. Rather than being frustrated and upset with your results, you should be proud you took steps to get healthier. Your body can be reshaped with surgical contouring. Here's what it involves:

How Body Contouring Improves Your Shape

Body contouring is a type of cosmetic surgery that changes the shape of your body. In the case of excess skin from dramatic weight loss, body contouring entails removing excess skin and lifting your body. Body contouring often requires a series of surgeries spread out over several months. Your surgeon creates a treatment plan based on the condition of your body and your goals. The procedure can tighten your skin when it has lost its elasticity and won't shrink back on its own.

What Types Of Surgeries May Be Done

You can have just about any part of your body lifted by removing excess skin and rearranging it. You might want a facelift or removal of skin under your chin. However, it's possible the skin on your face will tighten up on its own. Other possible surgeries include a breast lift, breast enhancement, thigh lift, lower body lift, and arm lift. Depending on how the excess skin is distributed on your body, you may need all the surgeries or just a few. The goal of the surgeries is to cut away excess skin that hangs from your upper arms, thighs, and your abdomen. When the skin is removed, the existing skin is pulled tight and sutured in place. These procedures can totally change the shape of your body and help you get the figure you want.

What To Expect When Recovering From Body Contouring

Body contouring is major surgery. You'll have long incisions and pain afterward. You may have drains inserted to collect blood and fluids. You'll also have stitches or staples and you'll wear bandages. After a short hospital stay, you'll be sent home to recover and care for your incision. Once you have fully recovered from one surgery, you may be scheduled for another one. While you could be in for many weeks of recovery time until your transformation is complete, it's a small price to pay for an improved appearance and the chance to get rid of excess skin that is always in the way.

As long as you are healthy and cleared by your weight loss doctor for the surgeries, you should be a good candidate for body contouring. However, the surgeon may also take into account how committed you are to keeping the weight off and how close you are to your goal weight. Contact a company like BeautyTek for more information and assistance.