CBD has become quite popular since the 2018 Farm Bill made it legal to grow hemp in the United States. And while many people are turning to specialized CBD products, like gummies and vapes, some are sticking closer to the source and choosing to smoke hemp flower directly. As it turns out, doing so has a lot of benefits, the most notable of which are explained below.


Smoking hemp flower helps relax you in several ways. First of all, most people find the very act of smoking relaxing. The deep inhalation and time spend focusing just on your breath can help ease your stress and calm your mind. The CBD in hemp flower also helps you relax. Plus, when you smoke hemp flower directly, you are also inhaling other cannabinoids like CGB and CBN. These are not as well-researched as CBD, but they are thought to have many of the same relaxing qualities as CBD.

Inflammation Control

CBD is known for its ability to reduce inflammation in the body, and CBG, another cannabinoid found in many hemp strains, has a similar effect. So many diseases and ailments are either caused by inflammation or cause inflammation. This makes smoking hemp flower a good way to manage a wide range of medical conditions, including arthritis, celiac disease, and IBS.

Don't turn to smoking hemp as an alternative to any prescription drugs that your doctor has recommended, but do consider using hemp in conjunction with your meds for even better relief from inflammation and the symptoms it perpetuates.

Anxiety Reduction

Do you sometimes feel anxious and like your nerves are on edge? Whether you have mild symptoms, have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety, or are somewhere in between, smoking hemp flower can help. It has a rapid effect, too. It will bring your anxiety down soon after inhaling, unlike CBD gummies, which can take a while to have an effect. Hemp flower is therefore a good remedy to keep on-hand when you think you may deal with an anxiety-inducing situation and need a way to deal with it.

For relaxation, anxiety relief, and control of inflammation, hemp flower is hard to beat. Keep in mind that there are various strains with different levels of CBD and other cannabinoids. Speak with a company that sells hemp flower to get a better idea of which strains may be best suited to your individual needs.