Taking care of your hearing aid is extremely important if you want to maintain its longevity. However, taking care of your hearing aid can be challenging if you don't know exactly what you need to do. Maintenance of your hearing aid is not difficult. All you have to do is ensure that you consistently clean them in order to keep them in the best shape possible. Take a look at what you need to do to keep your hearing aids working effectively.

Get the Right Tools

When cleaning your hearing aid at home, you need to use a wax pick and a wax brush. This is because wax often accumulates near the opening of the hearing aid where the sound comes into the device. If there is excessive wax in this area you will find that the sounds that you hear become muffled. You may also hear a whistling noise. If the wax is removed from the opening of the hearing aid using something other than a wax pick or a brush it may damage the device's receiver. Using the correct tools is crucial.

Hygiene Is Important

You should always make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your hearing aid. When you shower you should ensure that you can take out your hearing aid and place it in a safe location. Do not wash your face or your hair with your hearing aid attached to your ear.

Water and soap can do a lot of damage to the device. If you apply any product to your hair, make sure that you take out your hearing aid before you do so. Hairspray in particular is extremely damaging if it gets sprayed into the receiver of your hearing aid.

Clean Before Bed

The best time of day to clean your hearing aid is right before bed. Since you will not use it for several hours, this will give it plenty of time to dry out. Make sure that you do not use wipes that contain alcohol or other chemicals to clean your hearing aid as this can damage it severely.

Now that you know exactly how to go about taking care of your hearing aid, it's just a matter of doing so consistently. Once you take the time to ensure that you take all the right steps when cleaning your hearing aid, your device should last for a long time.