Child care centers must maintain strict health and hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of illness among children who may still be too young to remember to cover their sneezes. During the pandemic, your center likely had to put new standards in place such as requiring daily temperature checks and health screenings for your employees and the children who visit your center. Now, more products are available to make following these protocols easier. Adding a temperature scanning kiosk to your child care center makes it possible to enjoy these benefits for improving health and safety in your facility.

Minimize Exposures Among Your Staff

Many child care centers are relying on handheld forehead scanners. While these are effective for temperature checks, they often require someone else to have to stand up close to the person entering the building. With a temperature scanning system, your employees never have to get too close to a colleague or parent since the matching automatically does the checking for you.

Streamline Health Screenings

Having someone manually check temperatures also takes them away from being able to perform other duties. This is especially inconvenient during periods of the day when you expect heavy traffic through the front doors such as drop-off and pick-up times. Switching over to a scanning system means that your staff can focus on handing their other essential duties. You'll also avoid a dreaded line at the door that can lead to accidental exposures.

Build Trust With the Parents

Families need to know that their child is safe when they leave them in your center's care. Having a kiosk at the front door sends an instant message that your company and its staff take infection prevention seriously. This can help you recruit new families to your center and retain the ones who currently have their children enrolled.

Reduce Illness Rates In Your Child Care Community

As an experienced child care professional, you likely already know how fast illness can spread among the classrooms in your facility. Making temperature checks quick and easy can help you to quickly identify people who may be carrying a contagious illness before they spend enough time around other people to spread the infection. This not only helps you to prevent young children from getting sick, but it also helps to reduce employee absence rates. Being able to keep everyone healthy enough to come to your center means that you can operate at full capacity and carry out your company's mission.

For more information on a temperature scanning kiosk, contact a company near you.