If your child is oddly ill and you don't know why, or if you suspect they may be doing drugs, taking pills, or drinking alcohol, what do you do? You can take them to an accredited drug and alcohol testing center to get some results. There are blood, urine, and hair follicle testing options to choose from, with a urinary analysis, also known as a UA, being among the most cost-effective. It's also the fastest in getting results and can be the most accurate as well.

If you feel you need to have drug and alcohol testing done on your child, speak with your state's medical officials. You may be able to have them tested under your own consent because they are a minor. It's up to you how transparent you are with your child about your desire to have them drug and alcohol tested, and it may be beneficial to also consider family or individual counseling as well. Here are signs you need drug and alcohol testing done on your child.

Your child is withdrawn and acting strange

Is your child withdrawn and acting strange, emerging from their room in a weirder condition than they went in? Are they slurring their words, have bloodshot eyes, are unable to walk in a straight line, or are acting overly odd? Even if you feel your child may simply have a fever or be sick, if it's happening frequently, increasing in severity, or if you also notice your child is losing weight and getting strange injuries, don't hesitate to start exploring the possibilities of drug or alcohol use. You can take your child to an accredited drug and alcohol testing center to get nearly immediate results.

Your child is stealing or hiding things

Your teen or younger child has to get money somewhere to buy drugs and alcohol. They also may have to know other people who can give them drugs, cigarettes (which you can also test for), and alcohol. If your child is locking their room, sneaking out, stealing from your purse or selling their personal belongings, or doing other unusual and shady things, then you should start looking into what's going on. Even if you don't suspect drugs or alcohol, having drug and alcohol testing done is a way to rule out what is going on.

Having testing done is not to tell your child you don't trust them, it's to help protect them. Having this type of thing done can potentially save your child's life.