In a time when mental health has been in the spotlight, the stigma surrounding seeking help has become less overwhelming. That's why more people than ever are seeking therapy, including not only individual therapy services but group therapy as well. If you have been thinking about getting help, it is important to understand how group therapy services could benefit you. 

Improves Your Communication Skills

Group therapy puts you in an environment where you have to learn how to communicate and express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. In a group setting, you have plenty of opportunities to refine those skills and many ways to learn by example. That makes group therapy beneficial for building or improving overall communication skills.

Contributes To Building Relationships

Since group therapy encourages interaction and communication between group members and you are sharing information in a vulnerable space, this often fosters connections and friendships developed over forged bonds. Friendships are an important part of mental health treatment because supportive friends are helpful when you are emotionally struggling or need advice.

Helps You Understand How You Are Viewed By Others

A key part of mental health recovery is recognizing that others do not see you the way that you see yourself. This is often challenging with loved ones because you might struggle to see any impartiality in their perspectives. In group therapy, however, your group members have no personal involvement or stake in the way that they perceive you. This provides exposure to other perspectives that can help encourage self-reflection and understanding.

Teaches You How To Be Actively Present

A challenge for those struggling with mental health issues is being actively present in the moment. Many times, you may just be going through the motions and not really investing in yourself. In group therapy, you'll have direct interactions and engagements that require you to be actively present in the moment. This is a skill you can then transfer to other personal relationships, such as with a significant other or children. Those relationships often suffer the most when you struggle with mental health issues, so consider a group therapy environment to provide you with the tools to actively participate in those experiences.

These are just a few of the many benefits of group therapy for those with mental health challenges. If you are experiencing any kind of mental health struggles, consider a group therapy provider near you. You can even combine group therapy services with individual therapy for the best of both services.

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